Bolton: Trump’s Wrong – ​We’re Not Leaving Syria!

President Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton (along with the Secretary of State and other neocons) are openly defying the president’s stated policy of a rapid withdrawal of US troops from Syria. The president does not seem too bothered by this open insubordination. Will he cave in to the neocons? Does it really matter? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

16 thoughts on “Bolton: Trump’s Wrong – ​We’re Not Leaving Syria!”

  1. As if Trump hiring this psychopath in the first place wasn’t just part of the plan ??

    If Trump was actually anti war he would never have hired neocons in the first place.

    You either have to concede the office of the president has no control over the military any more or that Trump is extremely stupid. You can’t have it both ways Senator.

    He’s keeping Bolton in his administration so he can blame his failure to end the wars on the neocons.

      1. He is, by official title, the commander-in-chief of the military. Vis a vis the military, any order he gives supersedes the order of any other person. He is the top of all converging chains of command.

        So, if he has no control over the military, then the military is in a state of mutiny. Have either he or they commented to that effect?

    1. I think he’s keeping Bolton (and an army of other neocons) in his administration because he’s been told he has to do this.

  2. Trump didn’t make any policy, and he knew it. He’s not in charge of anything. He’s just a blogger.

  3. Strange is it not how Trump hollered about draining the swamp yet
    surrounded himself with the very same neocon swamp creatures that
    inhabit it.

    Sadly Ron Paul wants one to think that Bolton and cronies are circumventing the president, but Sen. Paul if Trump was really “such a great leader”, he would just fire Yosemite Sam Bolton and the rest of the neocon armchair warriors that inhabit his administration.

    A “real leader” would just stop the 17 years of worldwide wars that have decimated our economy ($22 Trillion debt) and made America appear as a rouge nation to the rest of the world.

    1. ” . . . .made America appear as a rouge nation to the rest of the world.”

      “Appear as a rogue nation”? Does that appear to be the sun up there in the sky also? Call it was it is- a rogue nation with ZILCH respect for the rest of humanity!

      1. Well, he could start by not appointing/promoting them to key positions in his administration.

        Nikkei Haley, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton et al. didn’t just magically fall from the sky and into their jobs. Trump considered whom to appoint, asked them if they wanted the jobs, and in the case of Haley and Pompeo even went to the Senate with hat in hand and asked them to approve HIS choices.

        All this BS about Trump not being in control ignores the fact that many of the people who ARE supposedly in control were PUT in control by Trump.

          1. Yes, I’ve read Burnham’s 1940 book on the subject and have written extensively on the subject myself.

            The managerial state theory explains how X would happen regardless of who was appointed to office Y.

            It also explains why Trump’s project of “draining the swamp,” if he was actually dedicated to any such project, would likely fail.

            It does not, however, explain Trump’s individual, intentional, personal decision to appoint X to office Y.

            It’s not like he’s appointing anti-managerial-state personnel who are failing while diligently attempting to carry out his alleged program. He’s appointing people who are openly opposed to his alleged program.

            The only plausible inference from that fact is that his alleged program was just blowhard guff from the beginning.

  4. There is significant evidence that Trump has no control over the levers of state. The FBI and State Department are clear examples of this. Most employees of the deep state are attempting to undermine the will of the President and the people by leaking and counter-manning his orders. Republicans , neo liberals, Democrats and and Neo cons are all in on it. Their objective is for endless wars in the ME at the benefit for Israel.

    1. Yeah, it’s the whole venal world versus Donald J Trump, man of peace. Did I say man of peace? I meant, born rich spolied brat who inherited a windfall and a real estate business, has declared bankruptcy multiple times – leaving communities and local governments holding the bag while he evades responsibility, a delightfully out-of-touch hedonist reality show TV star who used to back the Clintons politically up until recently, a person who backtracks and lies and changes meanings incessantly, a person who viscerally needs to be the focus of the media, which he claims to “hate” but without which he’d never be president. That train wreck of a POTUS?

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