Ron Paul on the Distraction: Obsessing Over ‘The Wall’ While Ignoring Neocon Threat

Where is Congress on issues that really matter? Venezuela? They don’t want a debate because they all agree on interventionism. Syria? The only debate was to shut down any debate when the president proposed getting US troops out. Yemen? Nope. On NATO Congress voted to prohibit debate on getting out of that Cold War alliance. Nope – it’s all about politics and scoring political points. Which is why we are mired in this phony debate about wall or no wall. Pure political grandstanding. A tour of the more important issues in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Ron Paul on the Distraction: Obsessing Over ‘The Wall’ While Ignoring Neocon Threat”

    1. “The Wall is a weapon of mass distraction.”

      Catchy, I like it. But you know, technically it is also a weapon of mass destruction. It is, all around, bad.

    2. It’s also a very expensive example of scapegoating and divide and conquer. Anytime you can shift blame onto “those people” you take the heat off the fact you’re corrupt and or incompetent.

  1. The wall is a symbol, prisons have a wall, remember the Iron Curtain, the separation wall in Palestine, the Great Wall in China. Do we want a world full of walls or do we want to move forward and turn away from walls and start treating all people as human beings and not some lessor creatures who threaten the privileged.

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