Bolton: We’re Taking Venezuela’s Oil

President Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton made US policy toward Venezuela very clear in an interview on FoxNews yesterday: We’re going to overthrow the government and take the country’s oil. He gets points for bluntness, at least. But who are the “democratic forces” the US seeks to install to “restore Venezuela’s constitution”? They were all trained by the same US government funded “regime change factories” behind the color revolutions of the Bush and Obama Administrations. In other words, they are the creations of the US government, not of the Venezuelan people. Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Bolton: We’re Taking Venezuela’s Oil”

  1. This stinks. It has that bread and circus stench to it that most foreign policy does by the US and it’s sociopaths. I’m not saying we won’t take their oil, I’m just saying it’s a distraction for something else.

    1. You could certainly be right about this, but, I just wonder, isn’t stealing Venezuela’s oil sociopathic enough for our government? It seems that’s bad enough to qualify as the real reason.

      1. Of course it would be cheaper to just bring all troops home and simply buy oil on the market, if acting in true national interests.

    2. Yes, there’s more involved than oil, but oil is definitely involved.

      Here’s one angle: No American politician can AFFORD to say that he wants oil to be more expensive, but a lot of them DO want oil to be more expensive. When oil prices are up, the American shale oil process is profitable. When oil prices are down, it isn’t. And the shale industry has good lobbyists.

      Here’s another: Venezuela doesn’t just sell oil. It buys oil. Venezuelan crude is heavy, and it’s cheaper to buy light sweet crude from abroad to mix with it in the refining process than it is to refine it completely from its base quality. DC would probably like to force a deal under which the shale industry gets that business, either by being the exclusive seller of the light stuff TO Venezuela, or the exclusive buyer of the heavy stuff FROM Venezuela (now that the US has lifted its oil export ban, they could buy cheap heavy crude from Venezuela, use expensive shale light crude for the refinery mix, and then re-sell, shaving some of the price competition off the shale product).

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