Ron Paul on a Venezuela False Flag: Who Burned the Aid Truck?

The weekend stand-off between the US aid trucks on the Colombian side of the border and the Venezuelan government did not go quite as planned by the US. The aid did not get through, the military did not defect, and US-selected “president” Guaido was nowhere to be seen. But the aid trucks did catch fire in Colombia and Washington is blaming Maduro. Do they have any evidence? Or is this a false flag?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Ron Paul on a Venezuela False Flag: Who Burned the Aid Truck?”

  1. I don’t really understand the US interest in Venezuela. Currently any may invest in Venezuela, except for Americans. So, American interests aren’t served via the sanctions. If there is a revolution in Venezuela, so what? How does that help Americans?

    1. Maduro didn’t get to where he is now by being stupid! When you are the object of demonization, you don’t fuel that demonization by doing something that can be used to FURTHER demonize you! And as far as rejecting foreign aid, the USA has done more than its share of rejecting foreign help when it has natural disasters and the like. It’s almost like the USA is responding to something it ALWAYS seems to find in the world to start wars, when in a strange sort of way it is simply looking in the mirror.

      1. Oh yea, someone’s getting rich. I suppose that could be why Trump gave the Neocons Venezuela, chance to serve their masters, get paid. Maybe he can now end some other conflicts.

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