Saudi Coalition Airstrikes Kill 11 Yemeni Girls

Originally appeared on The American Conservative.

Saudi coalition planes bombed the area next to a girls’ school in Sanaa earlier today, killing at least 11 and injuring dozens more:

At least eleven schoolgirls have been killed by an explosion at a warehouse in Yemen, medical officials say.

A total of 54 people in Sanaa have been wounded with eleven children in nearby schools pronounced dead after a metal workshop exploded.

Yemeni journalists and activists were the first to report on the attack:

The latest coalition attack hit a residential area. That is consistent with the coalition’s frequent attacks on civilian targets, which have consistently made up one third of their airstrikes over the last four years of war. Like many other coalition airstrikes, the jets bombed the area once and then struck it again with a second attack. Attacks on schools have unfortunately been all too common in this war. 2,500 schools in Yemen have been damaged or destroyed over the last four years. Millions Yemeni children already must cope with malnutrition and the threat of disease, and even at their schools they are not safe from being killed by coalition airstrikes. In addition to the children killed and wounded in such attacks, all Yemeni children have been traumatized by the ongoing conflict. Both the mental and physical health of an entire generation of Yemenis is being severely harmed by the effects of this war. The Trump administration continues to back the Saudi coalition as they bomb hospitals and kill schoolchildren. This is what supporters of U.S. involvement in the war are defending.

Update: The death toll has reportedly risen to 13, and as many as 90 people, most of them children, have been injured in the blast.

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34 thoughts on “Saudi Coalition Airstrikes Kill 11 Yemeni Girls”

  1. These butchers will bomb Yeman to the point that there are no more people left to occupy. True travesty.

    1. Keep in mind that Kristol commented on replacing WASPs in the US with new Americans who’d support the empire, would be content despite a higher percentage spent on the empire.

    2. What wasps? Wasps are drunk, overweight, undereducated, watching football, allowing their wives to work while also having to raise young children.

      Wasps have become idiocracy or something similar due to pampered rot. If there’s someone in charge in the US and UK, it’s not WASPs – incapable of self-rule, currently.

        1. Well, ofc. But sober WASPs like myself know how to defeat Islam: Bring the troops home; reduce immigration. 100% win.

          The warring is anti-WASP. It’s a little secret we sober wasps try our best not to keep secret…

          1. There is no way to “defeat Islam.” Beliefs either defeat themselves or they don’t.

            Reducing immigration doesn’t “defeat Islam.” It defeats America.

          2. Good borders make good neighbors. Islam is defeated by simply not bringing it into the US.

            The only way to lose to Islam is to fight overseas wars and bring in resulting refugees and former allies. The way to win is to not fight. Those desiring war do not wish to defeat Islam; they wish either for war, for its own sake (eg. to profit), or to aid Israel.

          3. Islam has been in the US since before there was a US (there are Muslim cemeteries in New York dating back to the 1500s, and Muslims fought on the American side in the Revolution). And it will be here after the US is long gone. Whether you get to run everyone else’s travel/moving plans or not.

          4. I doubt Muslims could be citizens in any of the states at least before the 14th Amendment.

          5. Citizenship was determined at the colonial and then state level. What would the Constitution have to do with anything? At the federal level citizenship was restricted to whites. At the colonial and then state level, it was restricted to Christians and slowly to Jews also. I again have never heard of a Muslim citizen that far back. Muslim resident aliens? Maybe.

          6. White, sure. Christian or Jewish? No.

            Jews were also kept from citizenship. They only slowly acquired it, state-by-state, especially after the American Revolution. Catholics I think were less accepted in South Carolina than were Jews. So, it might be that Catholics also could find citizenship difficult in some states.

          7. Well, pretty much all the world, today, is a servant of The Empire, as least. We’re united today in our lack of individual self-determination and in our growing bondage.

            Historically, citizenship and nationality would be seen differently. But that’s history. We’re all united today under The Empire. One oligarchy to rule them all.

          8. Just to add, I don’t know New York’s unique history with Islam. I’m from SC, which is an entirely different part of the empire. Expecting me to know NY is like expecting an Italian to know Norway’s history. I expect even many Italians focus on their unique city-state histories.

  2. This is disgusting and the UK/US/Germany are complicit in this slaughter. Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the World and it is being attacked by one of the richest and cruellest nations.

  3. I guess none of these pictures will make It into mainstream news coverage.

    Did Invanka also see them and complain to her father?

  4. The sub headline – “Saudis Threaten To Kill Petrodollar if US Moves Against OPEC” – tells us everything we need to know about why nothing will happen to America’s “great friend” Saudi Arabia.

      1. So the Powers that Be are pulling for the death of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency?

        1. Some of them likely are. I’d welcome the change, though it would mean a lower standard of living in the near-term.

  5. JR is hiding from comments but it is only fair to point out the people he puts up as heroes in his column are the very ones responsible for these ongoing tragedies.

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