John Bolton Can Almost Taste War With Iran

John Bolton announced yesterday that the US was deploying a carrier strike force to the Middle East to convey the message to Iran that the US doesn’t want war. Makes perfect sense. So will a false flag be launched? Another provocation? In today’s Liberty Report we discuss the several extremely dangerous flash-points that may lead to war. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “John Bolton Can Almost Taste War With Iran”

  1. Who is he kidding? All Iran has to do is deploy a bunch of sea mines in the strait, then watch over them with missiles, speedboats, DD’s, etc. What they hell are they going to do then? What amount of bombing will do a damn thing?

    Bolton speaks out of Netanyahu’s ass.

    1. So does Trump. So does Pompeo. So does Abrams. So does almost every congress-critter.

  2. While a senior advisor to the President pushes him towards war, the big screaming headlines here at Antiwar is about how CNN said that Guaido was elected President of Venezuela – in the fifth paragraph of a story about a military helicopter crash in Venezuela – an error which remained on their website for less than a day before they fixed it.

    1. The “error” was likely not from CNN itself, but given to them by domestic and foreign intel agencies,or the 30k active duty Pentagon PR agents stationed around the world. MSM are parrot propagandists.

  3. Neocons can always smell a potential war. If none available, they do a false flag like 9/11 or the fake Syrian gas attacks. However, they always manage to stay thousands of miles away from the front, plotting the next war at comfy stinktanks in DC and Manhattan. A few months ago I read an article showing several of the top neocons together had exactly one year of service, and that was in the reserves!

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