Rockets In Baghdad’s Green Zone – False Flag Or Iran Attack?

A small rocket was fired in Baghdad’s Green Zone (the US Embassy neighborhood) yesterday and the Trump Administration has been quick to take advantage of the apparent attack to blame Iran. There was little damage and no casualties, but Bolton is using it to maximum advantage to push Trump toward war. Will Trump bite? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

8 thoughts on “Rockets In Baghdad’s Green Zone – False Flag Or Iran Attack?”

  1. Trump thrives on confusion. He acts in contradictory ways so you’ll talk about him rather than his myriad policies, and so he can have his cake and eat it too. He’s a weasel – he never actually said he wants to destroy Iran, but he will if he’s “forced” to. Hawks love his verbiage, and iffy noninterventionist Trump supporters can disassemble his phraseology to come up with something that helps them sleep at night.

      1. Obama is just as hawkish as the rest of them. He bombed and sent troops places illegally like every President since at least Ford. But you can’t seriously tell me that his foreign policy was as deliberately indecipherable as this mess, Not letting your ‘enemies’ know what you’re up to may be valuable, but if you’re serious about establishing stability in the region, you don’t act erratically.

        1. Bingo. Obama’s foreign policy approach was dead wrong, but at least it had some kind of internal rhyme and reason to it. He was a “theoretically with a light touch” interventionist on his own wars and a “slowly try to extricate while maintaining influence” guy with respect to the wars he inherited.

          Trump’s foreign policy moves seem to result from some combination of 1) what the last person he talked to told him he should do and 2) what the Magic 8 Ball on his desk told him.

  2. A reading of Guevara’s “Guerilla War” reveals what kind of attacks are functional for a partisan resistance. Random rockets do not fit into this method. False flag.

    1. And those Sadr City kids have been to school. They were fighting American Imperialism before they lost their baby teeth. They’re not gonna make a rookie mistake like this. No way.

    2. It’s not vaguely believeable. That’s rocket artillery, and if anyone was SERIOUS they would have fired a whole truck’s worth of rockets. Because rockets are unguided, they aren’t very accurate. The only reason the rocket successfully landed in the Green Zone is that the Green Zone is HUGE.

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