Delusional Pentagon: ‘We Beat Iran Without Firing a Shot!’

Incoming US Defense Secretary Shanahan has informed us that Iran’s nefarious intentions toward the US and its allies in the region have been put on hold thanks to the deployment of a US carrier strike group and a handful of B-52s to the region. Details about the original threat, claimed by Bolton, Pompeo, and others, have not been revealed. We are expected to take the neocons’ word for it that there actually was a threat and that they defeated it. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Delusional Pentagon: ‘We Beat Iran Without Firing a Shot!’”

  1. Ever notice how new Presidents disappear for a couple of days when they first take office? Well Trump has confirmed that the Generals from the Pentagon are indoctrinating and informing the new President as to what US foreign policy is and will be in the future. Bush even confirmed that when asked about wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and said something about letting the Generals make the decisions.

  2. whatever. I always win also, but my name is Cookie Monster, so my wars are simple. Give me cookie and u get peace.

  3. Fantastic! I am all for not firing a shot. I agree the whole thing smacks of bogus but what is the point in calling them out? Let them defeat imaginary threats day in and day out. Don’t goad them into an actual shooting war

    1. Because we are paying them to bullshite us. Fire em, let em pick lettuce or something useful.

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