Scott Horton New Hampshire Speeches

June 19 and 20 Scott Horton is giving speeches at Porcfest in New Hampshire.

On the 19th, Scott’s on with his friends, the great libertarian comedian Dave Smith and FFF president Jacob Hornberger.

Then on the 20th he’s doing another talk on the wars.

9 thoughts on “Scott Horton New Hampshire Speeches”

  1. Is this the same Scott Horton who calls for the death of everyone who questions the official narrative of 9/11?

      1. Well, the Scott Horton from said on his show in 2009 that he would like to see all 9/11 truthers, and I quote, “suck on the barrel of a gun until it explodes in your mouth!”

        1. And I’ve told people to suck my d*ck before when that wasn’t what I literally wanted them to do. So? That’s setting aside your change of descriptor (“9/11 truthers” /= “everyone who questions the official narrative of 9/11.”)

          1. Sir, what is the distinction you are trying to make between “everyone who questions the official narrative of 9/11” and “9/11 truthers”? It is the same thing. When Scott made that comment, he was talking about how much he hated what he called “truthers”. And I don’t make stuff up. Why would I make up a fake comment in order to suddenly change my opinion about somebody that I respected? I used to actually like Scott Horton and listen to his show every day, despite his disgusting potty-mouth. It was only after that comment that I was finished with him. I still don’t know if he really believes the official 9/11 narrative, or if he is forced to take that position because he works for, which has always been a gatekeeper for 9/11 truth. As a moderator for who is attacking me and defending Scott Horton, you have proved my point.

          2. Lots of people “question the official narrative of 9/11.” Including Justin Raimondo, who wrote an entire book making a good case for Israeli foreknowledge of the attacks. And me, who’s seen up close what it looks like when a well-placed JDAM or laser-guided strike pierces reinforced concrete and thinks the Pentagon impact looks a lot like that.

            Usually when the term “9/11 Truther” is used, it’s used to describe the “inside job” cultists who, in nearly 19 years, have yet to produce a single credible shred of evidence for their hypothesis and who, when that’s pointed out, immediately retreat to whining that “everyone who questions the official narrative of 9/11” is being attacked.

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