Pompeo At CENTCOM: Pushing ‘Tactical Assault’ on Iran?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has taken the extraordinarily unusual move of traveling to Miami to meet with (and browbeat?) heads of US Centcom and Special Operations Command. Are military leaders balking as neocon plans for “tactical assault” seem to be gaining ground? Where’s Trump? Where’s Congress? Where’s the Pentagon? Who’s in charge? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Pompeo At CENTCOM: Pushing ‘Tactical Assault’ on Iran?”

  1. Pompeo At CENTCOM: Pushing ‘Tactical Assault’ on Iran?

    Why is US Secretary of State Pompeo acting in all manner as US Secretary of War?

    Is this what his defective mind considers to be diplomacy?

    What next? The eruption of Mount Pompeo? Where the defective diplomat bangs his shoe on a table while shouting – ‘We will bury you!’.

    This man is a fraction of an American and an even lesser fraction of a human being (as are all US government war criminals).

    He is a dangerous true believer who has no qualms destroying life as we know it in order to see his vile/contemptible ideology prevail at any expense – including using your children as cannon fodder of course.

    Strap John Bolton, Donald Trump and Mount Pompeo to the prow of the Abe Lincoln and let them be the tip of the spear.

  2. Can you imagine what the GOP response would be if during Obama’s presidency, Secretary of State Clinton had met with operational-level military commanders directly in order to push a war of choice? Hoo boy.

    And yet again, “Peace Train” Trump seems to not care that this is happening. “Chaos House” Trump loves it, though.

  3. Oh boy …chaos at the Pentagon while war plans being made. Traitor Trump regime continues to drive over the cliff.

  4. This must be the plan, bring in the forces, let Israel attack Iran, then we enter the war in defense of our closest ally Isreal when Iran strikes back to defend itself. It’s a diabolical plan.

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