A Note About Justin

Readers and supporters,

Many of you have asked how Justin Raimondo is doing as he has been conspicuously absent from his usual column and twitter communications. Well, he is hanging in there – but it’s tough and we are amazed at his grit.

He just asked to be sent some more books to read – his brain is buzzing about where our politics and country are going. And of course he speaks often about his readers as they provide his fundamental motivation to persevere. He so appreciates and values your concern – both personal (for him) and political (for all of us!).

He is ensconced in bed at this point and while comfortable gets quite cranky about not being able to get out to his garden where he sees the grass needs a good cut. Thank God his mind provides him with mental legs to stride around the world of ideas, history, and current events!

18 thoughts on “A Note About Justin”

  1. I miss the old SOB’s columns. He was instrumental to my development into a libertarian anarchist, and was the one person who made me fully aware of the details of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I eagerly await him coming back in time to chime in on the current crop of Presidential candidates, such as they are.

    1. Well said. I got turned on to Juston and antiwar.com during the run up to the Iraq war. I owe a lot to Justin and this site. Red Pilled as all hell, from way back in the day.

    2. I miss his columns too. I need to hear his optimism while Trump is escalating tensions with Iran. I wish Mike Gravel made it to the debates so he could tell them all what he thinks.

      1. “I wish Mike Gravel made it to the debates”

        According to Thomas Knapp, although Gravel didn’t qualify for the first debate, he could make it to the second if he comes up with roughly 20,000 more individual donations by a certain date. This is all due to the rule changes enacted after the Clinton/Sanders scandal in the 2016 Democratic primaries. I think I would prefer Gravel to Gabbard, as he seems to match all her strengths civil liberties and foreign policy wise, but is missing her weaknesses. I don’t know how effective a debater he is, but would love to find out.

        1. He was pretty good 12 years ago, both in formal debate and just arguing across a table. Of course, he’s pushing 90 now, but I suspect he’s still reasonably sharp.

      1. Great link, thanks. I was afraid the NED was involved. I’ve always supported Hong Kong independence as something of a pan-successionist, but with NED at the helm, we’re probably just looking at another Maiden abortion.

  2. It was in another century that I became aware of Justin. If I remember correctly, about the time of the Yugoslav breakup. Here’s hoping his constant voice against intervention comes back strong.

  3. You are missed, Justin. You’ve had a hellofa run here at Antiwar in your potent form of principled, conscientious, bold and richly engaging journalism. Looking forward to seeing you back in good health and top professional form.

  4. Justin, you conceptualized and crystalized the idea of being antiwar.

    And that it’s the most vital issue of politics. And it’s enough to agree on this one issue.

    The fire of your ideas will continue to spread. Wherever anyone has a mind and a heart.

    Thank you, Justin, for all your work.

    And for all the entertainment of your engaging, clear, and scathing writing style.

  5. I’m 80+ and thought I knew lots. But Justin is my mentor for some time. For example on China. Get well soon.

  6. It was a great honor to serve with Justin in the Buchanan Brigades during the 2000 election. Had the nation followed his wise counsel, 9/11 would have just been another day and the world a better place…
    At least we tried.

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