US Arms Dealers Getting Rich on Yemen’s Misery

As the Saudi genocide of Yemen continues, everything’s coming up roses for the US arms dealers who are supplying the Saudi killing machine. Billions in arms sales are made yearly and foreign agents lobbying for the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates are making millions. Meanwhile, millions of Yemeni civilians face starvation, disease, and death in the four year Saudi war of aggression on them. Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

One thought on “US Arms Dealers Getting Rich on Yemen’s Misery”

  1. I would like everyone to have a look at Yemeni official web-site, its by-line says: US killing Yemeni people. It does not say Saudis killing Yemeni people, but US. Why? Because they KNOW the reason the war is going on, and they know that if US abandons the Yemeni conflict, that is — abandon for real, the conflict will be over in no time. Saudis and North Yemen (this was once a country before Clinton nation-engineering in the nineties), would strike a deal. South, city of Aden and the provinces of Maareb, Al-Mahra, and Hadhramouth, would come under the Saudi influence, by restoring Hadi government. Some autonomy for larger regions would be given. Saudis only care about the control of Arabian side of Bab Al-Mandeb, and the desert border between Saudi Arabia and South Yemen to be linked by pipelines, allowing Saudis to have access to open sea ports, and not be in danger of having to be blocked either in Persian Gulf, or in Red Sea. For Saudis, this is a matter of economic survival, for us, the war is merely a threat to Saudis — that if they do not do what told, their oil will be blocked, either in the straights of Hormuz, or Straights Bab Al-Mandeb.

    Very IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT is the withdrawal of UAE. This must make us very, very unhappy. We have invested a fortune shoring up UAE, and actually given them a whole mercenary army, to fight against both the secessionists and Saudi-propped government in Aden and elsewhere. We have done it to create a conflict with MBS, and prop up UAE. UAE was afraid that MBS was not going to last, and accepted our gifting to them South Yemen. But after Kashoggi affair, it became clear to UAE that MBS is now stronger then before, and has dealt with the internal leftovers from previous CIA darling, M. bin Nayaf. So, now, UAE is back under Saudi influence, and there is nothing we can do about it.

    So far, UAE has not given their endorsement of our war on Iran, In fact, no Gulf country did.

    Our war profiteering in Yemen war is continuing. We are the enforcers of the embargo, and we control what food — if any — gets into Yemen. And the only food allowed, is the tightly controlled UN mission. No other countries are allowed on their own to ship in food. There will be many countries in this world who would sent their ships with food and medical supplies. But we do NOT ALLOW IT. So, the war will continue, no matter what. The only way Saudis can get out this one, is to cut a deal with Houthis to restore North Yemen, and cut the deal with the tribes of the South, to be united as a confederation of tribes under a government in Aden. But it will require that US gets out of the business of blockade of Hodeidah port. But what Saudis will not give — will not give us exclusive control of the straits.

    It will be very interesting to see just how much pressure US can exert on Saudi Arabia. Next month, Putin is visiting Saudi Arabia, returning the trip King made to Moscow in 2017. This will be an interesting one.

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