Will 500 Troops to Saudi Arabia Really Make Us Safer?

The media is reporting today that the US will send 500 troops to Saudi Arabia to confront the Iran “threat” to the region. Just over a decade ago the US pulled its troops out of Saudi Arabia after acknowledging what Bin Laden had said about his motivation for the 9/11 attack: US troops on Saudi soil. Is it really a good idea to put troops back in? Watch today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Will 500 Troops to Saudi Arabia Really Make Us Safer?”

  1. If the Saudis feel threatened, they should bring troops back from Yemen. Why does it matter to us even remotely what happens in the MidEast? If the Saudis choose to raise or lower oil prices, who cares?

    1. In that neighborhood, the Saudis do the threatening, and Trump backs them up. Tulsi was spot on when she called him out for being “Saudi Arabia’s bitch.”

  2. No, but I hope there is another bombing that make Khobar Towers look like a firecracker. An American who sets foot over there knows what he or she are getting into. They are the imperial storm troopers, and no tears should be shed for them.

  3. If I was one of the 500 I certainly wouldn’t feel safe. I doubt whoever will kill them would have had the motivation or the reach to kill them in their bases in the US

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