‘Obliteration’ – Trump Threatens Iran With Nuclear Strike

President Trump has threatened to “obliterate” parts of Iran if “anything American” is attacked by the country. This, combined with “all options on the table” clearly suggests the use of nuclear weapons. In an article in today’s American Conservative, former US Marine and nuclear weapons inspector Scott Ritter shows how last year’s US Nuclear Posture Review outlines scenarios that make this nightmare a possibility. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “‘Obliteration’ – Trump Threatens Iran With Nuclear Strike”

  1. Call his bluff. “Bring it on” (however you say that in Farsi). Iran knows Trump isn’t about to use nuclear weapons- ever. Can you imagine how fast world opinion would turn on the US if we were to do that? We’d be blacklisted by everyone in an instant. (Aside from Israel, unless they can get a better deal with someone else)

    1. Bullshit! You don’t know what your talking about. First of all the Pentagon would make the call, not the President. The President simply declares a yes or no order. And so what, we aren’t popular the day after, who cares, we pretty much own everything in the world anyways.

  2. Hey, that’s what you get when you vote for an unqualified trust fund blowhard reality tv star who has never had to answer for his words, deeds, or actions to be President. Vote for him again if you like him trolling the Dems so much you’re willing to put up with casual threats of total annihilation.

    It’s disgusting watching Ron Paul bend himself into knots to convince himself that Trump has anti-war principles. He goes into a long passage about how kind-hearted Trump was for not attacking Iran when he found out that 150 civilians might be killed, but apparently he forgot when Trump more recently said that war with Iran would be ‘fine with him, whatever.’ What other president, especially post-Cold War, has ever so casually mentioned that he could utterly destroy another nation if he wanted to, and kill millions of people but he won’t. It’s megalomania at its peak, declaring to the world openly that you have the power to kill millions at will. But Dr Paul gives Trump a pass. Nice one, Dr Paul. At least he’s not Hillary, amirite?

    1. Obama was worse. Bush was worse. Clinton was worse.

      The primary bad action Trump has taken has been his continuation of aide to the Yemen genocide and his use of trade sanctions. Trump’s recent meddling in Libya is probably horrible. His sanctions on Iran are horrible. His bad words? Not a big deal.

      “Trump said bad things.” Actions matter. Murder is worse than talk.

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