Tyranny Comes Home: Again and Again and Again

The Free Thoughts Podcast published an excellent interview with the authors of Tyranny Comes Home: The Domestic Fate of U.S. Militarism. Professors Christopher J. Coyne and Abigail R. Hall describe the corrupting and corrosive of the warfare state on the American psyche including permanent surveillance, use of drones by police departments and the overlap of militarism and far right extremism.

The transcript can be found here.

One thought on “Tyranny Comes Home: Again and Again and Again”

  1. Direct Balfour Declaration descendants both Israeli and British with the power of the Crown of London banking rules the world. The real Silicon Valley is in Tel Aviv, Israel. All that is listed as heads of industry are planted shills that report to Israeli bosses. The next most powerful group are the K- Street lobby group in D.C. When they are told to go a politician must leave as Joe Moakley in NY for A.O.C. They are on a all out transition of USA and need more stir the pot types. The action creates the reaction which gives the power to communists in the middle. TRUMP knows all of this and in fact he was told at Henry Kissinger’s NYC apt 2 weeks before the election that he was arranged to win. He was also read the NWO riot act and his position of duty when he got in. He must create enough controversy to keep publics eye off the ball of what is really going on by the world planners. PUBLIC division is of the upmost importance. What is going on is the creation of revolutionary chaos and violence so that they can attempt to get AMERICANS guns. Without that they can not get full control. They are willing to play the price of hell on earth to achieve their goals. Just like Kissinger told Trump at their pre election meeting, ” PEOPLE MUST BE TREATED LIKE PAWNS” Goal success only involves the way they want it. It is all a big show of BS. BRIBERY is among all in D.C. especially when they are told to go. Pension and THEIR GIFT OF 3 million off shore is untraceable. Ryan and Bohner got out before they got indicted. They have bolstered the military style POLICE before the revolution and it will happen because the people do not care if they are being destroyed. The police will become an enemy. It will be ugly and they have already ignited the race war so they can kill both sides because they have to get the guns.

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