‘Humanitarianism’? Hillary’s Libya Lies Still Creating Misery

The 2011 US attack on Libya to “save the people” from Gadaffi was an entirely manufactured narrative with Hillary Clinton’s weaponized State Department, a chief author of the lies. Libya’s population continues to suffer endless war and terrorism from a US intervention that only benefited al-Qaeda and gun runners to Syria and beyond. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “‘Humanitarianism’? Hillary’s Libya Lies Still Creating Misery”

  1. She’s a Democrat though. We’re only supposed to criticise Bush’s wars. Even when Obama aids actual Nazis in Ukraine or actual terrorists in Syria, the narrative is supposed to be that he was a saint. Genocide in Yemen? Only Trump is blamed, never Obama.

    1. Obama rolled the blunt and Trump smoked it. Imperialism is a team sport. Obama’s immigration policy was also shockingly similar, he just didn’t tweet about it.

  2. The story….militants seized the moment of civilian protest to foment civil war in Libya. This militancy was initiated either by trained and funded insurgents, or snowballed from organic civilian rebels seizing weapons base after base. Assuming organized, funded insurgents, 250 million is plenty to provide initial fighters, weapons and logistics. This amount could have been arranged by quite a few sources not even counting private individuals or corporations. That the Obama administration screwed up by intervening in this process is true, tho his critics would pillory him if he hadn’t intervened also. That is natural US politics now. My point, a failed intervention does not equate to “Obama administration started the civil war in Libya by arming Al Qaeda ( whatever that is)”. Saudi Arabia or Israel both have the resources and motive to pull it off.

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