US Sanctions Killing Innocent Iranians… Just ‘Collateral Damage’?

The US government claim that US sanctions do not affect medicines and humanitarian assistance to Iran is a bold-faced lie. They make the manufacture of medicines in Iran nearly impossible and they make the cost of medicines beyond the reach of Iranians by disrupting the supply chain of raw materials. US sanctions policy kills innocents under the guise of being “humanitarian.” On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “US Sanctions Killing Innocent Iranians… Just ‘Collateral Damage’?”

  1. I assume the US strategy is to keep the Iranian state, which relies on the Iranian economy, weak.

    Seemingly, a powerful Iran with a moderate government is unwanted.

    1. US strategy? Trump is too busy giving the Likudniks a collective blowjob to call this “US strategy”? US strategy is aopparently to give Israel anything it wants, regardless of the impact on the world and the Middle East! This is Netanyahu’s strategy, FOISTED upon the Trump administration, and EVERYTHING Iran is accused of by the USA and Israel is 100% true on the part of the accusers! Any nation that wages any types of war on a nation in compliance with international laws IS the terrorist, plain and simple!

      1. I also think it’s 95% Israel, 5% MIC (which just needs a war somewhere for tests and fear to create foreign customers).

        I didn’t mean to suggest US policy serves US citizenry interests.

        1. Perhaps, but it can be seen that Israel is just a tool of US militancy also. Could be the rubbling of ME societies, US war aims, just puts Israel at the bottom of the list. US militancy doesn’t give a FF about most US citizens, we shouldn’t assume they give a rat’s patootie about Israel.

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