Ron Paul says Beware (and Prepare): The American Empire Is Collapsing

When empires fall, they do not go down gracefully. The collapse is sudden and the consequences are permanent. Like the schoolyard bully who is finally defeated, his former victims and enemies revel in his fall. The US empire is now teetering on such a collapse. The signs are all around us. Aggressive US foreign policy, self-destructive monetary policy that debases the currency and hides inflation, a monstrous national and individual debt load. The writing is on the wall and the wise are preparing. What can we do? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

10 thoughts on “Ron Paul says Beware (and Prepare): The American Empire Is Collapsing”

  1. The writing is on the wall. The collapse is inevitable. It’s time to look inward for solutions and abandon this sinking monstrosity called the state. Start a commune and take care of your people. This crisis could be a thousand solutions for stateless tribes willing to Balkanize and coexist. Sh*t will get wild but strong, small, centralized communities will weather the storm. Build bridges with adversaries and we can weather it together. Queer Syndicalists link arms with Christian Patriots. Shia Muslim Caliphates link arms with Lesbian Covens. Libertarian Capitalists link arms with Libertarian Communists. This is our moment, for all of us. Together we are heavy. A thousand tiny islands of light preventing a second dark age.

  2. I think people want to work but this system is out of whack, we can’t do or build a thing without middlemen, permits, unnecessary regulations etc. Unless you have money to burn you can’t afford to get sick. There must be a better way. It seems all governments have more or less “socialism” depending how you define the word, nothing to be afraid of. Don’t pay your taxes and see who owns everything in this beloved country of ours.

    1. Socialism is something to fear: It’s concentrated power.

      It’d be better for the government to just pay out universal basic income rather than promise expensive free services which can be mismanaged or even abused. Big business is similarly concentrated power.

      The highest fear is that political extremists come to power and then wield the power of the state to harm others. What prevents abuse is a balance of power. One example of abuse: The schools insist on teaching Flat Earth, and 95% of Americans come to believe the Earth is flat as a result, due to the Internet being tightly controlled.

      Another fear is just that lower quality of services will result since it’s easy to reduce what’s offered. Corruption is also a fear: The US could become a society where everyone is poor except for the powerful, who wield government and other leverage to become rich.

      Wealth taxes and the like are not socialism. Taxes aren’t what to fear necessarily. Control is what to fear. A problem with fearmongering about “socialism” is a variety of concerns are mixed into a single term. As a result, we’re told the only possible alternative to socialism is anarcho-capitalism, which is false.

      Socialism, which is ownership by the government of all/most means of production, is essentially slavery. With enough power, a strongman could manipulate a population into worshiping him, like in NK.

      1. “Socialism is something to fear: It’s concentrated power. It’d be better for the government to just pay out universal basic income …”

        The UBI is concentrated power. Make every American partly or wholly dependent on a monthly check from Uncle Sugar, and Uncle Sugar will do anything he damn well pleases. If the UBI recipients complain, it will be explained that unless we liberate Eastasia from the Eastasians, that check will have to be reduced or even eliminated. Instant consent.

          1. “It’s better than social services provided by the government.”

            Why does it have to be one or the other? Don’t you think it’s a better idea to simply get people to give up dependence on the State? It’s going to happen sooner or later when the State collapses.

          2. Oh, no. The inevitable is enslavement, exploitation, and oppression: “A boot stamping on a human face, forever,” as Orwell said. I just think it’s fun to try to avoid that fate. Historically, membership in the armed forces haven’t been a path of advancement in the US. However, that’ll likely change, especially as guns are banned.

            If the state were to collapse as you hope, it’ll just mean corruption and smaller Balkanized American states obtaining nuclear capabilities.

            It’s possible something good could happen in the US, just unlikely.

          1. At the moment, it looks like Gainesville will be outside the western edge of the storm cone — thunderstorms and 30mph winds. So maybe some power outages, but not the bad stuff. On the other hand, one slight veer or broadening of the storm, and we could get into Category 1 territory.

            I’m trying to get as much work as possible done this morning. I assume that if the lights do go out, it could be for 24-36 hours. Thanks for asking!

    2. Yes. The state owns your paycheck, they determine how much you can keep. With the eminent domain ruling in the SCOTUS, the state owns your property and determines it’s use.

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