Record High Military Suicides Continue – What’s the Real Cause?

The Pentagon has unveiled a new plan to combat record high military suicides, including more government bureaucracy and record-collecting. But is the US government missing the real point on military suicides? Are they so determined to treat the symptoms that they are blind to the cause? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Record High Military Suicides Continue – What’s the Real Cause?”

  1. When you willingly help Uncle Sam murder innocent people for the profits of arms merchants and to promote the foreign policy goals of Israel, eventually the guilt sets in and one can no longer live with what one has done. Suicide rates among those who came back from WW1 and WW2, were NOTHING compared to what is going on now, and the left over problems from Vietnam, Gulf War 1, and others. We all know the TRUTH about WW1 and WW2, but those who fought in them generally never discovered the truth, and were killing soldiers for the most part, who had invaded other countries. Quite a different story than today.

  2. It’s the true story of a highly trained young squad leader

    The main force had already blown through. Mostly it was just death and destruction that was left behind. But, Jim, lets call him Jim, Jim’s squad was part of the mop up.

    They were being fired on from an Iraqi residence. They had probably wisely kept quite when the main force came through for fear of being blown away by american artillery.

    But now, they seemed to think that they had a right to defend their home. That however is not a problem for the young american troops, they are not only well trained in the art of warfare, they are also very well equipped with lethal munitions.

    So they take out a bazooka round designed to blow through a concrete wall and then explode in the interior. They put three of them through the walls of the house. It went silent. There was no more gunfire coming from the house.

    They try to open the front door. It is locked. That is not a problem. They take out a charge designed to blow a door down. They set it, and, boom, they blow the down.

    Jim walks in first, followed by the rest of his men. The interior is eerily silent; their are bodies lying all around in the grotesque poses of death. Blood was every where.

    Jim began to lose it, the army had taught him how to kill, they had not taught him how to deal with being convicted in his own mind of being a mass murderer.

    Their came a plaintive cry from the interior of the house. A woman in a long dress with children clutching to her walked from the interior of the home; seeing Jim in emotional distress, she walked up to him; she put her hand on his cheek; she said to him; not your fault; God’s will.

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