Obamagate: How Much Did He Know About Brennan’s CIA Task Force?

Former CIA officer Phil Giraldi joins today’s Liberty Report to discuss the breaking scandal over the Obama Administration’s intelligence leaders and the plot against candidate Trump. Then-CIA Director John Brennan reportedly set up a CIA task force early in 2016 to surveil and even conduct covert actions against candidate and then President Trump. Are we witnessing a “deep state” coup against the president? Will heads roll? Was Obama at the center of the operation? Watch today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Obamagate: How Much Did He Know About Brennan’s CIA Task Force?”

  1. No, I don’t think I’ll be watching this one, thanks. Will Dr Paul be covering election-changing Russian ad buys on Facebook in 2016 next?

  2. Did the authors miss that at least 6 allied nations recorded Russian assets discussing policy, including sanctions relief, with senior members of Candidate Trump’s team? And that, in June ’16, British intelligence requested a “director level” meeting with the CIA to discuss the explosive nature of what it recorded? And the 18 “unmasked” recordings by US intel?

    The CIA was compelled to surveil Trump.

    And Team Trump showed that they were eager to participate with whomever would help them win.

    1. What nonsense. There is no evidence that any “senior” Trump officials had anything to do with Russia and I dare you to provide details for your false claim. As for the CIA being “compelled” to conduct surveillance against Trump or his people, any such actions are illegal. Indeed, they are felonies and every CIA officer knows it. As for discussing sanctions relief, so what? That is a foreign policy decision, not a legal matter. In case it escaped your notice, Trump was very clear in his intention to improve relations with Russia, a laudable foreign policy goal. John Brennan was and is a security risk, a Marxist idiot who voted for Gus Hall of the CPUSA in 1976 and a Bill Clinton/Obama flunky. Your problem is that you happen to disagree with the foreign policy of our president, a foreign policy that is in the interest of the American people and not the Washington Beltway crowd. I spent 30 years in the intel community. Go peddle your baloney somewhere else.
      As for the the “explosive” info from the Brits, this silly claim shows that you nothing of how the intel community works…or about the Brits. The Brits (SIS) hated Trump because most of them are elitist snobs like Christopher Steele, Globalists and EU toadies to a man. No surprise they would fabricate “intelligence against him. Go back to your Antifa chapter and beat up a disabled veteran.

  3. If Brennan was after Trump doesn’t that lend some credibility to the possibility of Ukraine being involved? Big Johnny almost lived in Kyiv during the Maidan revolition and the subsequent “russian invasion”. He’d be involved with the ‘quid’ part of Trump’s ‘quo’.

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