Impeachment #2: A Bipartisan Distraction From the War on American Citizens

While the media and American public remain glued to the ongoing impeachment circus, Congress hid an extension of the Patriot Act on page 25 of a “must pass” continuing resolution. The move was bipartisan and widely supported. Watch the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

One thought on “Impeachment #2: A Bipartisan Distraction From the War on American Citizens”

  1. What’s to discuss, the Americans either did not care either way or wanted the Patriot Act, and no one protested when it passed mostly unread and not finished.
    When it was used for first time in order to track down one political party that fled Texas so no quorum could be found in order to pass the other party’s bill, no one complained that a Bill supposedly passed to stop terrorist was used against Americans.
    As the old saw goes, “You crapped in own bed so lay in it.”
    US Fascism does not dress like a German Storm Trooper of WWII, and those German civilians and soldiers were all good and brave “Patriots”, just like us

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