Should Navy SEAL Gallagher Be Punished – Or Honored?

President Trump’s robust intervention on behalf of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher has drawn widespread criticism, even and especially among members of the military. Should he be honored with the right to keep his status as a SEAL, as Trump contends, or does military discipline demand that war crimes be punished? Watch today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Should Navy SEAL Gallagher Be Punished – Or Honored?”

  1. gallagher is pretty much representative of most american navy seals but got caught. `
    does military discipline demand that war crimes be punished?` if that were the case half the american military and all their generals would be locked up.

    1. He only took a photo though. He was found innocent of other charges. Looks like Trump is right here.

      1. “He was found innocent of other charges.”

        Neither civilian courts nor court-martials find people “innocent.” They find people “not guilty” to a standard of “beyond reasonable doubt” for guilt.

        In Gallagher’s case, he was found “not guilty” because another sailor got a deal for immunity then changed his testimony to take the blame. Doesn’t seem like that prior immunity should cover perjury, but I’m not a legal expert.

    2. In this situation – Trump has taken command responsibility for war crimes committed by any US gov’t employee by providing that pardon. Its no small thing.

      Look at the Yamshita case in the Tokyo Trial and more recently the Kirstic case in the ICTY.

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