Schizophrenia! US Now Says Yemen NOT Iran Proxy War

In a sudden “about face,” the Trump Administration now claims that Iran is NOT behind the Houthis in Yemen. Has Washington suddenly decided to recognize reality? Not likely. More likely is that the US is trying to help the Saudis out of a lost war. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of innocents were killed in the Saudi war of aggression with US support. Will anyone answer for it? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

9 thoughts on “Schizophrenia! US Now Says Yemen NOT Iran Proxy War”

  1. Actually now that the Houthis are on record as having surface to air missiles, I would think it likely the iranians helped them with that. So I see it more as the US withdrawing their accusations the moment they start to have a kernel of truth in them.

    1. Makes you think really. Al Qaeda was declared the worlds main enemy when it had a few hundred members. Now it can claim 70000 in Idlib alone and probably many times that worldwide but it doesn’t feel like an urgent problem anymore. Russia will be the same. Declare it as a very threatening enemy, stop doing so when it becomes an actual enemy. Russia has been standing on the brakes there so that can take some time.
      At the time of the Iraq invasion you did have the two claims at once: Iraq as a huge enemy while at the same time Wolfowitz claimed you could take that country with 10000 soldiers.

    2. How did Iran “help with that”? How many navies have been blockading every seacoast off Yemen for how long? Blockading to-day involves every from of surveillance to detect everything that floats. Look at a map.

      1. First let’s agree that the missiles need components which are imported. There are a lot of weapons around but they also need import. Some of the things they need are small, expensive and cannot be made locally. I think of electronics, but also larger components like the wankel engines of the cruise missiles, these weigh about 10kg.There is a history smuggling in the north , across the KSA border. I’m guessing that hasn’t stopped.
        Of course once you have your smuggling capabilities you can wonder whether you need the Iranians. I think the help from Iranians can be financial (there is a story that they gave them a shipment of oil to sell – no it wasn’t smuggled across the border)and critical components for the missiles. They can be chinese components, they don’t have to be iranian made.

        The recent use of surface to air missiles makes me think the Iranians are also helping there. One thinks: why wait so long?

  2. For some strange reason, peasant resistant movements with foot soldiers in flip flops taking on Goliath with ultra high tech arsenals seem to have enjoyed unprecedented success against mighty America — directly or by proxy. The Vietcong, the Taliban, and now the Houthis. America seems to have a special talent for getting involved in endless quagmires with no exit strategies.

    1. Globalists can’t resist getting involved in everything, and they care nothing for the consequences.

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