Trump Stumbling Into Neocon Trap In Iraq

President Trump is swallowing the neocon line on the Iraqi protests at the US embassy in Baghdad, blaming the whole incident on Iran. Suddenly everyone who doesn’t want the US military to continue to occupy Iraq – nearly 17 years after an invasion based on lies – is an “Iranian proxy.” Will Trump continue to take the neocon bait and stumble his way into a war on Iran? Starting a war based on neocon lies is likely the only thing that would prevent his re-election. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Trump Stumbling Into Neocon Trap In Iraq”

  1. Trump has Israel so far down his throat that he can’t breathe. Trump needs to come up for air and before the Neo-Cons get the USA in a war that involves Russia and China.

  2. Yeah, poor Trump.

    He’s had his hand out (or in your pocket) his entire career. Neocons and Zionists pay the best.

  3. Apparently “Deep State” no longer convinces anyone that it exist. It has been replaced by “Neocon”. I wonder how long it will take before this nonsense fails to convince anyone.
    I believe that President Trump needs neither “Deep State” or “Neocons” to do his deeds. That is not his character.

  4. Trump is a fool, easily duped and readily directed by the deep state/neocon warmongers. Pence is a fifth-columnist Israeli proxy knowingly influencing the US government for the benefit of a foreign nation in ways directly contrary to the best interests of the US. For all practical purposes, Netanyahu runs the executive branch of the US government and the congress is, as usual, impotent and ‘absent without leave’ from its constitutional responsibilities.

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