Pompeo Wants Missiles for Turkey… To Confront Russia in Syria

When Turkey found itself in a bit of trouble in Idlib, Syria last week – a Syrian army advance had taken back much of the province and a Syrian air force strike had killed Turkish soldiers embedded with jihadist fighters – Ankara signaled to Washington that it needed help, including Patriot Missile batteries on Turk soil. The response was cool from the Pentagon, but Pompeo’s State Department is all for it – even if it means war with Russia and Iran. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Pompeo Wants Missiles for Turkey… To Confront Russia in Syria”

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  2. Turkey is a mess, much like Pakistan.

    Giving the sophisticated weaponry is a very complicated game.

    They my have some interests like the US in terms of trying to limit Iranian war efforts, but they are driven by some theocratic ideologies almost akin to Iran.

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