A Military Distraction? US Hands Ukraine $125 Million in Weapons

In yet another example of President Trump continuing the bad policies of President Obama, the Administration announced it would grant $125 million in new anti-artillery radar and military patrol ships to Ukraine. Maybe a military distraction will take minds off of rocky financial waters and a coronavirus that has the world in a panic? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “A Military Distraction? US Hands Ukraine $125 Million in Weapons”

  1. And this is Putin’s puppet? Plying a neo-Nazi military with weapons of mass destruction on the border of the motherland of the people they have sworn to annihilate. You would have to assume Vlad was a donkey-brained imbecile to keep smoking from the Russia-hoax crack pipe at this point. But the DNC just keeps singing ‘pass the cookie to the left-hand side.’

    1. Ironically, it seems the accusations that Trump is Putin’s puppet are why Trump is so against Putin… He’s wanting to prove his critics wrong…

      Tulsi was mocking Trump on this recently, though she tries to be very careful attacking him since so many of his supporters seem to like her. I guess, in the end, the Tulsi coalition was about as popular as the Pat Buchanan coalition in 2000… In theory, left and right agree on more than with the centre, but they just hate one another too much to work together against the centre. Divide and conquer works brilliantly.

      1. I don’t think their was anything ironic about it. Making sure Trump was appropriately Russophobic was the whole point of the Russia-hoax.

        The Tulsi coalition reminds me a great deal of Ron Paul’s coalition. It’s the kind of freaks united atmosphere where I feel most at home. I like weird people, right, left, or whatever. Talking to people who just agree with you all the time is such a bore.

        I still believe a left-right coalition is very possible. The key is localist autonomy and voluntaryism. People need to accept that other people have the right to live lives they disagree with as long as they mind their own damn business.

  2. Some shipbuilding company promised to donate to the gop campaign….not hard to figure out. Ukraine…dumping ground for MIC surplus….both parties.

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