Distraction? Trump Sends Warships to Venezuela

In a shocking press conference yesterday, President Trump and his advisors announced that the US military would begin conducting a “counter-narcotics operation” in the eastern Pacific and Caribbean. Perhaps not coincidentally, Trump’s Justice Department indicted Venezuelan president Maduro on drug trafficking charges. Is the US about to “do a Noriega” on Maduro based on half-baked charged that the Venezuelan leader is some kind of drug kingpin? Have the president’s war-braying neocons convinced him that the best thing to get our minds off of coronavirus is a “nice little war”? Today on the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

10 thoughts on “Distraction? Trump Sends Warships to Venezuela”

  1. Not a hard question, it’s all a distraction from establishment of a sustainable economy in the US.

  2. That was a great discussion. Trump is thinking of capturing Maduro & imprisoning him in the US. Invading Venezuela would be more complicated than invading Panama just as invading Iran would be more complicated than invading Iraq, Syria or Libya. How does Trump know none of the US Troops will contract the coronavirus from someone there?
    Yahoo did a fake news story saying GW Bush warned the American people about future viruses during his administration.

    1. Hi, Pink Prince.

      Speaking of Venezuela… did you hear about the Venezuelan Navy ship that recently attacked a German cruise ship? The Venezuelans deliberately rammed the German ship… then the Venezuelan Navy ship sank! The German ship sustained minor damage. Fortunately, the Venezuelan sailors were rescued 😂

      1. I have to see more information, rather than a report from Breitbart or a like “news” show. The ship would have no reason to attack the cruise ship.

        1. Just google it. All the major news outlets covered it including CNN, the BBC, etc. It’s hysterical!

  3. Yes: Why draft registration? Oh, & U.S.-“led” wars since 1965 to please armaments industry; not to advance any foreign policy objectives. & There’s no one w/ the stones to stop that!

    As for Venezuela, just increased obliviousness to consequences: War w/ that country brings Iran, maybe Russia to Maduro’s aid; just like war w/ Iran would get us certainly Russia, maybe China too.

    Just spreading the Trump biz career pattern of getting allies & opponents at each others’ throats to the world stage! & The media?: Too bizzy “fact checking!”

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