How Interventionists Hijack the Rhetoric of Morality

From The American Conservative:

Kori Schake objects to Biden’s foreign policy record on the grounds that he is not hawkish enough and too skeptical of military intervention. She restates a bankrupt hawkish view of U.S. military action:

This half-in-half-out approach to military intervention also strips U.S. foreign policy of its moral element of making the world a better place. It is inadequate to the cause of advancing democracy and human rights [bold mine-DL].

The belief that military intervention is an expression of the “moral element” of U.S. foreign policy is deeply wrong, but it is unfortunately just as deeply-ingrained among many foreign policy professionals. Military intervention has typically been disastrous for the cause of advancing democracy and human rights. First, by linking this cause with armed aggression, regime change, and chaos, it tends to bring discredit on that cause in the eyes of the people that suffer during the war. Military interventions have usually worsened conditions in the targeted countries, and in the upheaval and violence that result there have been many hundreds of thousands of deaths and countless other violations of human rights.

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2 thoughts on “How Interventionists Hijack the Rhetoric of Morality”

  1. Interesting articles, but Biden is more preoccupied with avoiding being convicted than having convictions of any kind, including moral, and often seems lost even with a teleprompter.

    Trump dominated the moral element of the Floyd crisis.

    Biden had barely started into a stale black empathy routine when Trump’s ‘Jericho walk’ set the agenda for faith, law and order, after which Biden had to give the moral pulpit over to the Reverend Al Sharpton and the protestors prove their sincerity and legitimacy by being peaceful..

    That stands in sharp contrast to Trump’s domination of the moral rhetoric of intervention. The message lingers; peace with North Korea, withdrawal from Afghanistan and Syria, maximum pressure on Iran and Venezuela short of war. But no Trump domination here, but instead a clear assertion of Deep State power against peace.

    Looking for a moral element in wars of aggression is a lost cause and swapping ‘intervention’ for ‘aggression’ is a fading propaganda meme.

    The People are marching against a lot of things; to be against racism and thug policing is to be against war which is founded upon those things, a connection any politician with Biden’s record can only be counted upon to deny.

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