Navy Will Dump Beloved Capt. Crozier After All

They now say he didn't follow guidelines in wake of COVID outbreak which affected more than 1,000 of his sailors

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From The American Conservative:

Maybe the Navy was just buying time or maybe they got more information, but according to reports the service is not going to reinstate Capt. Brett Crozier to his command of the USS Roosevelt.

It also looks like, in order to take politics out of the picture, the Navy is blaming Crozier and his Admiral Stuart Baker, whose promotion is now on hold, for bad leadership and for not following COVID guidelines – and not for Crozier’s controversial April email pleading for help, which got him in trouble (and made him a hero) in the first place. This is a new twist.

From a press briefing by the investigating officers Adm. Michael Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations and Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite on Friday:

“While I previously believed Captain Crozier should be reinstated, following his relief in April, after conducting an initial investigation, the much broader, deeper investigation that we conducted in the weeks following that had a much deeper scope,”(Gilday) said.

Both Gilday and Braithwaite said the Navy failed to investigate the matter properly during its preliminary review. More:

The deeper investigation concluded that Crozier and the Strike Group Commander, Rear Adm. Stuart Baker, “did not do enough, soon enough to fulfill their primary obligation … and they did not effectively carry out our guidelines for events spread of the virus,” according to Gilday.

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6 thoughts on “Navy Will Dump Beloved Capt. Crozier After All”

  1. SOOooo… in other words, instead of the USN *fleet* hospital ships ‘Comfort’ and ‘Mercy’ being diverted to civilian use (to cover the shortcomings of the mayors of NY and LA respectively), they *should* have been supporting the Carrier Task Force, as they forward-deployed to keep the ChiComs in check, rotating sailors off of (and back on to) the capital ships as treatment was needed.

    Obviously we would NOT have won The Battle of Midway with current doctrine, where a few sick sailors are grounds for recalling the entire fleet. As the intitial vector *may* have been a few Chinese hookers in Vietnamese port call, Naval War College needs to re-eval 4G warfare, eh wot?

  2. I said the guy was covering his ass and that he was no anti-war hero just because he appeared for two seconds to somehow weirdly get on the good side of the anti-war crowd. Why he’s an anti-war hero, I have no idea, he would have gladly helped destroy Iran or any other nation we so desired.

    Anti-war people shouldn’t be so desperate for a hero, that they choose someone who is that callous about life. A man who cares so little about killing that he would captain a boat like that, isn’t someone who would think twice to come up with a way to point the finger and place blame on others for his own mistakes.

    Assuming he’s a good guy just because he got in a tiff with other bad guys is idiotic.

    1. “Assuming he’s a good guy just because he got in a tiff with other bad guys is idiotic.”

      Maybe so, but it’s the entire basis for the popularity of e.g. Donald Trump.

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