Afghanistan and the Endless War Caucus

The immediate response to a story that U.S. forces were being targeted is to keep fighting a losing conflict

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From The American Conservative:

Barbara Boland reported on the House Armed Services Committee’s vote to impede withdrawal of US from Afghanistan:

The House Armed Services Committee voted Wednesday night to put roadblocks on President Donald Trump’s vow to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, apparently in response to bombshell report published by The New York Times Friday that alleges Russia paid dollar bounties to the Taliban in Afghanistan to kill US troops.

It speaks volumes about Congress’ abdication of its responsibilities that one of the few times that most members want to challenge the president over a war is when they think he might bring it to an end. Many of the members that want to block withdrawals from other countries have no problem when the president wants to use US forces illegally and to keep them in other countries without authorization for years at a time. The role of hard-liner Liz Cheney in pushing the measure passed yesterday is a good example of what I mean. The hawkish outrage in Congress is only triggered when the president entertains the possibility of taking troops out of harm’s way. When he takes reckless and illegal action that puts them at risk, as he did when he ordered the illegal assassination of Soleimani, the same members that are crying foul today applauded the action. As Boland explains, the amendment passed by the committee yesterday sets so many conditions on withdrawal that it makes it all but impossible to satisfy them:

Crow’s amendment adds several layers of policy goals to the US mission in Afghanistan, which has already stretched on for 19 years and cost over a trillion dollars. As made clear in the Afghanistan Papers, most of these policy goals were never the original intention of the mission in Afghanistan, and were haphazardly added after the defeat of al Qaeda. With no clear vision for what achieving these fuzzy goals would look like, the mission stretches on indefinitely, an unarticulated victory unachievable.

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    Biden’s Call To Transform America Should Worry You, Democrats Are Aligning With Far left Fanatics. Bidens tweet was vague and aside from his presumptive “we will beat Trump” it is hard to know what he is talking about.

    1. Democrats are reluctantly aligning with centrists and people who might be a hair-breadth to the left of center. The closest thing to a “far left” in the US is the libertarian movement, which the Democrats would set themselves on fire rather than align with.

        1. I’m not sure why you think a libertarian/anarchist like me would fear freedom from government agents and agencies.

          Or why you think the Democrats are “far left.”

          Or, based on those two things, why you think that that thing you’re doing that you think is thinking, is.

  2. Jul 7, 2020 Congress Sells Out U S Troops, Refusing To Again End Afghanistan War

    While the New York Times and other media outlets are deeply concerned about evidence lacking and unverified reports of Russian bounties on U.S. troops, they all but ignore that the U.S. Congress has once again sold out U.S. troops in a new vote that refuses to bring them home from Afghanistan.

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