David Gornoski Interviews Eric Garris About the War Machine

Eric Garris, founder of Antiwar.com, joins David Gornoski to discuss the media’s role as the government’s war propaganda front as well as how he started campaigning against wars waged by the power-hungry political establishment. Why has the left abandoned its critical stance on unjust wars? How credible are the stories of chemical attacks and Gaddafi “weaponizing rape” that were used as excuses for running airstrikes in Libya and Syria? Listen to the full episode for an intriguing conversation on how victim-garbed myth-making plays a vital part in leading men and women into the mass sacrifice of war.

David Gornoski’s show, “A Neighbor’s Choice”, is hosted on ABC’s NewsRadio 93.1 WFLA FM and 540 AM in Central Florida, and broadcast on the web.

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