John McCain’s Staff Endorse Biden, Explicitly Because He’s Worse on War

New York Times:

More than 100 former staff members for Senator John McCain are supporting Joseph R. Biden Jr., a show of support across the political divide that they hope amplifies the “Country First” credo of the former Arizona senator.

Many of the onetime McCain aides who signed the letter share his hawkish foreign policy views and recoil from Mr. Trump’s “America First” politics, which Mr. Salter called his “coddling of dictators or disinterest in our alliances.”

Got that? “Country First” means world empire and endless war; while on the contrary, “America First” means world empire and endless war at the hands of someone who whines about it sometimes.

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Author: Scott Horton

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7 thoughts on “John McCain’s Staff Endorse Biden, Explicitly Because He’s Worse on War”

    1. “dims more fascist tha[n] GOP”

      Such universal statements are inaccurate. It would be accurate to say “Some Dems are more fascist than some Reps.” And “Some Reps are more fascist than some Dems.”

      On another note, this Dem is actually offering a slim hope for some welcome change: Inside Joaquin Castro’s Campaign to Lead the House Foreign Affairs Committee. My guess is, he will get nowhere, but then, George McGovern was not supposed to get the 1972 Democratic Party presidential nomination either.

  1. It’s the same old same old. They got rid of Nixon a long time ago because his opponents wanted more wars than he was willing to give them. They want to get rid of Trump now for the same reason.

  2. McCain is dead, thank God. His “staff” need to get a life. Their little Hitler is dead.

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