If You Like War, You’re Going To Love the Biden Administration

If Joe Biden is successful in his fight for the White House, he will be bringing with him a foreign policy team that is responsible for some of the biggest and deadliest fiascos in the past quarter century. From the idiotic attack on Yugoslavia, to arming jihadists in Syria, to the murder of Libya and the Ukraine coup, the team of rabid interventionists readying themselves to return to power have left a scorched earth behind them. Now they are ready to get back in the ring. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “If You Like War, You’re Going To Love the Biden Administration”

  1. Bill Bonner, a noted financial writer, thinks that it does not matter who the next president will be. According to Bonner, the US Government is financially unsustainable and headed for collapse. The presidential contest is all about who gets to be the captain of the Titanic. However hawkish Biden’s team may be, they can do nothing when the money runs out.

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