The Latest Phony ‘Peace’ Deal Is Stoking Conflict

From The American Conservative:

Mitchell Plitnick examines the Trump administration’s decision to recognize Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara:

The agreement with Morocco combines the worst of both the Abraham Accords with the UAE and Bahrain and the agreement with Sudan. It also tramples on international law, and provides yet another example of the Trump administration paying far more than necessary for a meager gain.

The Morocco deal may be the tawdriest and ugliest of the various agreements that the Trump administration has announced over the last few months. In exchange for some modest concessions (liaison offices, direct flights, etc.) to Israel, the U.S. has made a major change in policy and abandoned a position it has held for decades at the expense of an oppressed people. The Trump administration has endorsed another illegal occupation, further making a mockery of our government’s claims to respect international law and the principle of self-determination. The U.S. has paid a high price for very little, and the U.S. itself will receive nothing except well-deserved opprobrium. It is hardly a triumph of diplomacy to give one state everything it could possibly want while obtaining nothing for one’s own country.

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5 thoughts on “The Latest Phony ‘Peace’ Deal Is Stoking Conflict”

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    1. Trump’s kow towing to Israel were not a credit to his Administration, for sure.

      That said, there have been no new wars. West Sahara has been brewing for a while, totally ignored till Trump.

      1. This covers this topic well that everyone is missing.

        Oct 29, 2020 Robert O’Brien – Trump’s Foreign Policy

        Donald Trump is the first American president since Ronald Reagan not to initiate a foreign war. Moreover, peace is breaking out in the Middle East. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien explains the Trump approach.

  2. Nothing’s actually changed in West Sahara. Morocco annexed the territory years ago. This has been so whether anyone chose to see it or not.

    Hopefully the Sahrawi won’t become the next cause celebre for war machine interventionism.

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