Scott Horton Dismantles the War Party Narrative

For the 100th episode of Conflicts of Interest, Scott Horton of joined Kyle and Will to discuss Joe Biden’s declared plan for a full withdrawal from Afghanistan by September 11. Scott also gives his read on mounting tensions in Ukraine, where the government has threatened a new offensive on separatist elements in the eastern Donbas region, risking a wider conflict that pulls in Moscow and Washington.

Audio only here, or YouTube below.

One thought on “Scott Horton Dismantles the War Party Narrative”

  1. Biden says he will withdraw troops from Afghanistan by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the Twin Towers falling. I doubt he says what he means. Many of us won’t fall for his April Fool Joke planned months in advance. He will continue to increase tension between the US and Russia by intervening in Ukraine.

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