Welcome To Dystopia: Biden To Use ‘Private’ Firms To Spy on Americans

CNN and other outlets reported yesterday that the Biden Administration is looking to get around laws restricting domestic spying on Americans by “partnering” with “private” entities and organizations to outsource the spying. The justification is the claimed rise in “domestic terrorism,” as evidenced by what Biden has called “the greatest threat to our democracy since the Civil War,” AKA the Jan. 6 Capitol breach. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Welcome To Dystopia: Biden To Use ‘Private’ Firms To Spy on Americans”

  1. What puzzles me is how “CNN and other outlets” are pretending that privatizing spying on US citizens is something new. A quick search indicated this has been going on for years. Example:
    Much Of Our Government Digital Surveillance Is Outsourced To Private Companies

    Facebook is hugely successfull because of its relentless vacuuming up of the information freely offered by the numbskulls who use the site. Does anybody seriously believe all that info isn’t sold to a host of purchasers?

    One wonders if Ron Paul didn’t sleep through the four years the Orange POTUS lived in the White House, for though I found plenty of Evil Obama and Bad Biden stuff, in the results I saw Trump was mentioned only as a victim.

    By the way, the “verification” process used by Disqus is darned annoying. Do they really believe somebody else using my oddball email and password? Or do they just enjoy jerking people around.

    1. No, Paul didn’t sleep through the Trump era — he spent it kissing Trump’s ass, apparently in hopes of getting his useless panderbear son a cabinet appointment or the 2024 VP slot.

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