Conflicts of Interest: Biden Feeds the War Machine with guest Dave DeCamp

From Conflicts of Interest with Kyle Anzalone:

Dave DeCamp, News Editor at, returns to Conflicts of Interest to discuss Biden’s foreign policy through his first 100 days in office. As a candidate, Biden pledged to end the forever wars and scale back tensions with Iran. While he has reduced some US support for the Saudi-US war in Yemen, Biden has continued to provide Riyadh with the support needed to wage its lethal bombing campaign. In Afghanistan, Biden announced the withdrawal of US forces, though statements from administration officials reveal plans to continue the war through less transparent methods.

On the campaign trail, Biden pledged to save his former boss’s agreement with Iran. As president, he has dragged his feet and refused to undo Trump’s disastrous policies. Biden has kept his pledge for an aggressive China policy, however, increasing hostile US war games in the South China Sea and American support for Taiwan. Dave warns this path could lead to war.

2 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Biden Feeds the War Machine with guest Dave DeCamp”

  1. I voted Biden because I wanted Trump out. I knew I would be questioning my motives.

    The truth is, what is the difference? We have a government run by the military industrial complex and corporations, and its auxiliary, AIPAC.

    Play it cool like the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, and there is a life of luxury to be had. Biden certainly knows that.

    MAGA? This is who we have been all along.

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