Conflicts of Interest: The Pentagon Is Invading Public Schools

On COI #120, Kyle Anzalone discusses the use of JROTC instructors to teach courses at Chicago’s public schools. Hundreds of students – primarily from lower-income black or Hispanic communities – are being funneled into the classes without the consent of parents. Schools argue the Pentagon-funded program helps to cover budget shortfalls. Black and Hispanic students are overrepresented in the CPS JROTC program, and those who go through it are more likely to enlist.

Kyle breaks down the evolution of the war in Afghanistan. CENTCOM reports that the withdrawal is 50% complete. However, the Pentagon still refuses to report the number of troops remaining there. The CIA is seeking a new base to operate from and the Afghan military is scrambling to find a way to maintain its air force. Kyle explains that the US plans to spend billions waging war in Afghanistan in 2022.

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