SecDef Austin: ‘Start ACTING Like China Is Top Enemy!’

A 100 day review of US policy toward China has determined – surprise! – that not only is China the top threat, but that the Pentagon needs to stop jawboning the threat and start acting on it…whatever that means. The policy review was conducted by a former employee of the Center for a New American Security…which is funded by weapons manufacturers and foreign governments including Taiwan! Also today: Has Fauci jumped the shark with his ‘I am Science!’ pronouncement? Today on the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

2 thoughts on “SecDef Austin: ‘Start ACTING Like China Is Top Enemy!’”

  1. The top threats to world peace are: the USA, UK, France, Israel and Saudi Arabia. They are the biggest warmongering, meddlesome nations in the world.

  2. Does this mean we’re moving our carrier groups from the Persian Gulf to the South China Sea now? After all, we can’t have our fleet bottled up when THE GREATEST THREAT OF CHINA is on our doorstep. If it takes us months to just get the F out of Afghanistan how long would it take us to get enough troops to Asia to put up a credible defense against anything THE GREATEST THREAT might decide to do?

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