Conflicts of Interest: The US Spends Billions to Rein in China as its Own Police Remain Lawless

On COI #121 Patrick MacFarlane – host of Liberty Weekly – returns to the show to talk China, Iran and the American police state. Pat and Kyle break down a recent viral video of a police officer causing a pregnant woman’s car to roll over. Pat explains that the woman acted appropriately, however, the officer is unlikely to be held accountable. Pat breaks down the legal formalities the police state uses to allow its lawmen to remain lawless.

While the US government is incapable – or unwilling – to protect American citizens from its own police force, it is planning to spend hundreds of billions in tax dollars to confront China. The Innovation and Competition Act 2021 will spend $250 billion on the rivalry with China. The Pentagon announced that the problem with its China policy is it’s all talk. A report from a committee led by hawk Ely Ratner concluded the Pentagon had a ‘say-do-gap.’ Secretary of Defense Austin is saying the military should stop talking about the Chinese threat and act against it.

The Biden administration seems primarily concerned with confronting Russia and China. However, it is still unwilling to lose Iran as an enemy. Recent statements from Secretary of State Blinken suggest the US is unwilling to save the Iran nuclear deal. The opportunities to save the agreement are shrinking as Iran moves closer to electing a new leader.

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2 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: The US Spends Billions to Rein in China as its Own Police Remain Lawless”

  1. They may like to reign China, but they in this instance they are attempting to rein in China.

  2. Good luck with more folly to stop progress. China IS progress and this stinkin 250 billion so far away and indirect is just a wet blanket to put out a forest fire. The U.S. is all sanctions, guns and bombs. China is ports, roads & briges & there is no stopping what China is selling, it’s progress. Sad that the U.S. is so addicted to hegemony & domination, out to control the whole world and everyone in it. Full Spectrum Dominance is the delusional goal and the power crazed Neocons will bankrupt us all to attempt the impossible. If not kill us all…

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