Ron Paul: Biden Claims Bombing Syria and Iraq Is a ‘Defensive’ Move. What?

Over the weekend President Biden ordered US airstrikes on Syrian and Iraqi territory. The Administration claims that bombing countries 6,000 miles away who could not pose a threat to the US if they wanted was a “defensive” move. One problem: US troops are illegally occupying Syria and the bombing was unequivocally condemned by the Iraqi government. So…“defense”…or aggression? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

8 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Biden Claims Bombing Syria and Iraq Is a ‘Defensive’ Move. What?”

  1. An automatic transcription of videos would be an improvement, unless the usual video-interview problem is not reduced: conceptual drift, careless expression, and emotionalism. I don’t waste time on videos.

  2. Jun 5, 2021 Dana Stroul, Biden official, boasts that Washington “owns” one third of Syria

    Dana Stroul, currently Joe Biden’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for the Middle East, boasts in 2019 that Washington “owns” one third of Syria, and the resource rich part. That will help them “shape an outcome” favourable to US interests.

    1. Dana Stroul says the US owns 1/3 of Syria, the richest part. She is disappointed the Russians are in Syria too or the US would control all of Syria Obama would have killed Assad like he killed Gaddafi during the Libyan War.
      Biden is the Rumsfeld of the Democratic Party.

      1. Well, all Wars are Bankers Wars. This is where they will go next where ever China is.

        Jun 10, 2021 SecDef Austin: ‘Start ACTING Like China Is Top Enemy!’

        A 100 day review of US policy toward China has determined – surprise! – that not only is China the top threat, but that the Pentagon needs to stop jawboning the threat and start acting on it…whatever that means.

        1. Agreed, all US wars are banksters and corporatocracy wars, and this will continue as long as the same group of people keep their strangle-hold on the MSM and Congress.

      2. Biden is a puppet of the 1%, a senile old fart who needs to be shipped out to a residential care home.

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