Conflicts of Interest: Lazy Propaganda from the Corporate Press

On COI #137, Kyle and Will break down the new US Marine deployment to guard the American Embassy in Haiti, which comes amid instability after the assassination of the country’s leader. While President Biden insists there will be no larger stabilization mission, that’s not so clear, as the Marine contingent comes after the White House had already ruled out sending any troops.

Governments worldwide are stepping up their censorship demands on social media platforms, with Twitter seeing a record surge in such requests in 2020. The Biden administration also recently admitted to pressuring Facebook to scrub so-called vaccine disinformation from the site, literally “flagging problematic posts” for deletion.

As anti-government protests erupt in Cuba, the corporate media has spread confusion with several erroneously captioned photos. One image from the Associated Press labeled a large pro-government demonstration as an opposition rally, an error quickly replicated by countless other news outlets. CNN, meanwhile, falsely portrayed a protest in Miami, Florida as taking place in Cuba.

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4 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Lazy Propaganda from the Corporate Press”

  1. Lazy Propaganda from the Corporate Press

    I love that headline! It could be used for almost any Corporate Media coverage of anything, anywhere.

    1. I wish those senators would become POTUS. Biden won the Democratic Primary because he was Obama’s VP. His presidency was a disaster and they should have elected an antiwar candidate.

      1. You will get no disagreement from me. The global Bankster’s will never allow this to happen to the very bitter and tragic end!

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