Ray McGovern: Put Russiagate Out of its Misery

This week on Talk World Radio: Why won’t disproven Russiagate ever go away? Our guest Ray McGovern was an infantry/intelligence officer in the early Sixties, and became a CIA analyst. His duties eventually included chairing National Intelligence Estimates and preparing The President’s Daily Brief. He conducted the one-on-one morning briefings of President Reagan’s five most senior national security officials, including VP Bush, from 1981 to 1985. In retirement Ray co-founded Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) — an attempt by intelligence veterans to hold former colleagues to account for “fixing” intelligence to “justify” wars like Iraq. His website is https://RayMcGovern.com.

Ray’s recent article for Antiwar.com: “The Guardian: Regurgitating the Russia-Gate Canard.

7 thoughts on “Ray McGovern: Put Russiagate Out of its Misery”

        1. There has got to be a younger version of him out there somewhere. It would be a long haul.

          1. “There has got to be a younger version of him out there somewhere.”

            The problem with this is that agencies such as the CIA and NSA, after having whistle-blowers such as Edward Snowden have fits of conscience, have now adopted extensive psychological profiling techniques to root out ANYONE with even the possibility of having a conscience, and make sure such a person is not hired. Someone like Ray McGovern would simply never be given any position of great responsibility in an organization such as the CIA nowadays.

      1. “One man isn’t going to fix that evil.”

        And even more to the point, even if one person could run it benignly, what happens when another person takes charge, perhaps in a new Administration? Absolutely, abolish it. Power corrupts.

      2. I agree, the agency needs to be abolished, but there needs to be a public airing of laundry as it is. Intelligence about the intentions of foreign actors is needed, but most if not all of the problems come about from operations, such as assassinations or interfering with elections or trade.

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