Haitians Don’t Want What the Interventionists Are Selling

It is extraordinary how people sitting in Washington still believe they know what should be done in another country better than the inhabitants themselves.

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The Washington Post really, really wants outside intervention in Haiti:

There is no way for Haiti to pull itself out of the current morass without elections that would certify and legitimize a new government and legislature. That requires at least a short-term international intervention.

It is curious that American advocates for intervention are the ones most eager to hold new elections in Haiti, while many of the Haitian civil society activists are actually opposed to both elections and intervention. Former U.S. Ambassador Peter Mulrean picked up on the latter point and wrote earlier this month that new elections now are exactly what Haiti doesn’t need:

The degradation of Haiti’s democracy is now at a critical point, perhaps the point of no return. It is tempting to think that new elections will clarify the situation and restore stability, but experience teaches us just the opposite. What Haiti needs is to take stock of what is broken and fix it. That is what a broad coalition of opposition parties and civil society is calling for.

Marcela Garcia made the point that Haitians don’t want foreign intervention:

Clesca is spot on. There are resounding calls from Haiti’s civil society groups to reject any foreign intervention. It’s long overdue to start listening to what Haitians want. If the country is going to have a chance at building a true democracy, it must be through a Haitian-led path.

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  1. The US won’t listen to the Haitian people and will intervene to get the leader the US wants even if the majority of Haitians do not want that leader. Clinton intervened in Haiti’s affairs to make it change leaders and it did not transform it from being the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere to a long lasting, prosperous democracy.

  2. It is difficult to see why the Haitians would not want foreign intervention, given the fact that American intervention has produced such wonderful results throughout the world.

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