Conflicts of Interest: Hawks’ Boast of Obsessive Anti-China Paranoia as Basis for Policy

On COI #151, Kyle Anzalone explains how Biden’s China policy is being formed by officials who boast about being Sino-paranoid. Biden’s new Air Force Secretary said he was “obsessed” with China and was hoping to “scare” the CCP. The delusions of key Biden officials is creating an increasingly anti-American bond between Russia and China. The two nuclear superpowers recently demonstrated their growing ties with a round of joint war games. 

Kyle breaks down the ongoing disorder at the Kabul Airport. US officials have suggested the Taliban is complying with the US effort to evacuate Americans. However, Western media has reported Taliban actions are making it impossible for Americans to reach the airport. The US has signaled ambitious goals to evacuate tens of thousands in the coming days, but have only evacuated a few thousand successfully to date. 

Kyle updates Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Tel Aviv recently seized 23 tonnes of chocolate en route to Gaza, depriving the people of an unusual luxury. Israel is planning to construct over 2,000 new settler homes in the West Bank. In a surprise move, the State Department condemned the announcement. 

Kyle discusses Iran’s civilian nuclear energy program. The US recently warned Iran against advancing its program after designing an uranium metal plate. The plate is for the Tehran Research Reactor, built for Iran by the US in the 1960s. Washington – which has a massive nuclear arsenal – continues to point the finger at Iran for producing energy and medicine with its nuclear program. 

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  1. The Chinese are not as stupid as the Americans. What they need or want, they always BUY !
    Much cheaper than always fighting WARS like the US !!

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