Conflicts of Interest: End the Damn Wars guest Magnus Panvidya

On the first-ever Conflicts of Interest bonus episode, Kyle Anzalone and Will Porter sit down with Magnus Panvidya to discuss the ‘End The Damn Wars’ project, an effort to unite anti-war voices across the political spectrum and organize street actions opposing US militarism.

Magnus explains the origins and aims of the new initiative, and argues that internet activism alone is not enough to stand in the way of Empire. Calling for cooperation between all dissident movements – left, right and libertarian – Magnus makes the case that ‘bottom unity’ is the best hope for reining in the war state.

Note: NSFW language

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3 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: End the Damn Wars guest Magnus Panvidya”

  1. We must “End The Damn Wars”. Biden is a war hawk and warmonger although Obama and Clinton may start having regrets about him being Obama’s VP. Biden ended the war in Afghanistan and should end the wars in Syria, Iraq, any wars we don’t know about, the drone strikes, sanctions and demand Saudi Arabia end its war in Yemen and Israel end its war in Gaza.

  2. Not to worry Folks, Israhell’s PM Bennett, a USA Citizen is at this very moment pushing Americans to finally start that long ago planned War with IRAN …..!!

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