Conflicts of Interest: White House Slams the Door on Diplomacy with Iran

On COI #160, Kyle Anzalone discusses deteriorating US ties with Iran. Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned the window for negotiations with Tehran would soon close, not long after the US announced a new round of sanctions. Israeli officials, meanwhile, have vowed to step up efforts to confront the Islamic Republic. Together, the aggressive US and Israeli policies are likely to kill talks to revive the Iran nuclear deal. 

Kyle updates the August 29th US drone strike that killed seven children in Kabul. The Pentagon released details of the strike, revealing the military was unsure of who was driving the car hit in the strike, as well as what home it was bombing. The corporate press, however, has already lost interest in the story, all but ensuring families of the slaughtered Afghan children will never see justice. 

Kyle breaks down recent news from Ethiopia. Several massacres have been reported by various local groups as fighting rages on between the government and rebel forces in Tigray. The US has sanctioned an Eritrean official for alleged war crimes in Tigray, and there are reports out of neighboring Sudan that dead bodies are washing up on its shores – casualties of the Tigray war. Tensions between Ethiopia and Sudan are also on the rise after the Sudanese government reported a shipment of guns that arrived from Ethiopia.

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  1. Americans can barely wait to start that long ago planned War with Iran. Just waiting for the GO signal from Israel…

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