Conflicts of Interest: The US Is Pushing China to the Brink

On COI #173, Dave DeCamp – News Editor at – returns to the show to discuss recent news about China and Iran. Upon taking office, Biden had a golden opportunity to undo a key Trump blunder and return to the Iran nuclear agreement. However, Biden delayed action and is now struggling to make any progress with a new president in Tehran. Israel also remains a perpetual thorn in the side of diplomacy in the region, Dave and Kyle Anzalone explain. 

The US continues to use Taiwan to provoke China. Washington’s increased diplomatic ties with the island, as well as weapons sales, have pushed the two even further from Beijing’s decades-old ‘One China’ policy. The US is also increasing its military presence in the region with the ‘AUKUS’ agreement with the UK and Australia, a pact designed to counter China in the Indo-Pacific.

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