Conflicts of Interest: Max Boot’s Ethnically Planned State

On COI #179, Kyle Anzalone refutes Max Boot’s recent Washington Post op-ed arguing against boycotting Israel. In the article, Boot admits that the reason we must reject BDS is that the movement calls for a “right of return” for Palestinian refugees. He admits that Palestinians cannot live in their homeland because that would make Israel a majority Palestinian state. Boot concludes his article by cowardly suggesting that people who oppose Israel only do so because they harbor a hatred for Jews. 

Kyle breaks down Joe Biden’s gaffe at his town hall with Anderson Cooper. Biden said the US was committed to militarily defending Taiwan. However, the decades-long US policy – and US law – says that the US takes a position of “strategic ambiguity” on Taiwan’s defense. The White House then walked back Biden’s blunder saying US policy towards Taiwan remains unchanged. While the Biden statement was undiplomatic, it is representative of the increasing US aggression towards China.

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2 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Max Boot’s Ethnically Planned State”

  1. Just try to imagine how the Middle East would look today had NOT Palestine been invaded and occupied by Zionazi Terrorist Killers from Europe, Russia and the USA……

  2. The very idea of a state defined by its ethnic majority is inherently racist. It is all the worse if that ethnic majority only exists in a specific space because of recent acts of colonialism.

    The state that exists in the Levant today can be majority-Jewish, democratic, or “big” in the sense of retaining de facto control of the West Bank/Gaza/Golan Heights; but it cannot be all three. It has to pick two out of three.

    If it decides to pick “big” and “Jewish” while giving the boot to “democratic” then there is no compelling reason for the United States to maintain any relationship (much less a “special”) one with Israel, and efforts to boycott the state will be fully justified.

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