Conflicts of Interest: Biden Admin Works to Prevent Diplomacy with Iran

On COI #183, Kyle Anzalone discusses how the Biden administration has prevented a return to the Iran Nuclear Deal. Iran recently made an effort to re-engage in the Vienna talks, but the US met this offer with sanctions and threats. Iran has been clear, it will not return to the negotiating table under American pressure and threats. 

Kyle breaks down recent testimony by Gitmo detainee Majid Khan. Khan said his torturers needlessly shoved medical equipment into his anus and sexually abused his genitals. Khan also detailed the waterboarding and other torture he suffered. His testimony was so powerful that a military jury offered a note to the court condemning the CIA. 

Kyle updates the situation in Afghanistan as starving people prepare for a cruel winter. A sudden withdrawal of international aid has pushed those in poverty to the brink of starvation. US sanctions and the Biden administration’s decision to freeze Afghan government funds are largely responsible for the crisis.

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2 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Biden Admin Works to Prevent Diplomacy with Iran”

  1. Of course, every US President since 1948 is following the Orders of her little Brother ISRAEL !!!

  2. Clearly the US is not concerned about nuclear de-escalation in the Mideast, as it never suggests that Israel give up its alleged nuclear weapons. So the US political gangs in fact seek nuclear dominance by their chief bribe source, Israel. Without bribery the US could have a democracy, but it is far too corrupt now to reform.

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